Setting apart the issue of sending refugees to Rwanda, a country over 4,000 miles away, we should give serious consideration to the Government’s other proposal, for refugees to be housed at the old Linton-on-Ouse RAF site.

The failure to make the proposals for the old RAF site public was very unfortunate, but perhaps there is a positive way forward if the proposals get the go-ahead.

If the old RAF station could be developed on the lines of a family educational project where lessons, particularly English language, would be taught, then there could be opportunities for members of all refugee families to extend their knowledge and language of the UK. Trades and professions could also be taught. We have often been told many of the refugees already rescued had professional careers in their own countries. They would presumably welcome the opportunity to further their professional training in English. Certificates could even be presented.

It would certainly give the refugees more hope than being housed in lock-up asylum centres with guards, or if the government was considering only those housed in hotels it might also even be much cheaper.

Tony Baker, New Earswick, York