YORK Futsal Club coach Junior Roberti says "it would be a big statement" if his club are able to win promotion to Tier One of the National Futsal Series.

Roberti's side currently sit second in Tier Two North, three points behind Loughborough who, with already having a team in the top division, are unable to be promoted.

York finish their season with a game at the University of York Sports Centre against Liverpool on Sunday.

"To get promoted would be a reward for all of our hard work we’ve done during the season and a reward for the past few years with all of the community engagement," Roberti enthused.

"I think it shows that we’re going in the right direction. Half of our players are from our academy and half of our players, pretty much, are 18 or younger.

"Winning the league or getting promoted, or both, would be a big statement for what we’re doing. It’s massive for us."

Liverpool are currently sixth and not in the race for promotion, which is being tightly contested between York, Derby and Sunderland University.

“All we need to do is win our game on Sunday. If we beat Liverpool, we are promoted. Sunderland and Derby still have a chance, of course, but it’s in our hands.

“We understand that we have a huge responsibility to perform well. We know the pressure is on our side, as Liverpool have nothing to do anymore.

"We’re coping well with the pressure though. We don’t know if we can win the game, but we know we can perform well. If we do, chances to win are high.

“We’re coming off a loss to Sunderland in the last game, so we need to go over that as well, but we are very confident that we can perform."

The home crowd will no doubt prove advantageous for York, who have gone unbeaten at home throughout their campaign so far.

They have been beaten at the University of York Sports Centre, but in that game York were technically the away side and so remain undefeated at home.

When asked if the York support makes a difference, Roberti said: "Absolutely.

"We haven’t lost at home this season, we’ve won every game. It’s massive for us.

"We have an attendance of between 120 and 180 people in there, the support we get from the people is huge.”

The crowd will no doubt play an incredibly large part in pushing the York players forward as they enter their last match of the term.

Roberti was more than welcoming to the prospect of people arriving in support of his players.

“If they’ve never watched a futsal game, it’s a place where they’ll find entertainment," he said.

"It’s an entertaining sport with lots of action, lots of things to see and watch.

"They could support the players, it’s a very nice environment and community.

"We promote a lot of that, belonging and being part of the community.

"Everyone is welcome. It’s another thing for people to try and see if they like it.”