"YORKLAND" receives eight million tourists through its turnstiles which is incredible.

Yes there are financial benefits but there are also offsets such as having to avoid the city at night as it is taken over by flocks of staggering clucking hens and herds of abuse hurling rutting vomiting stags.

In a visit to Ghent recently I paid seven euros a night tourist tax.

This money is used for facilities for the people.

Also, would it be too much to ask two pounds per person for a visit to the great halls of the National Railway Museum.

Some of this income could be used to improve the bottle necked toxic fume-creating traffic that is choking York residents.

Other funding could provide more sports facilities and youth clubs and a proper swimming pool in this land-locked city.

Not to mention a multitude of social needs compounded by the ruinous hikes in everything.

Meanwhile is there any chance of somewhere to sit down in Yorkland?

Maybe York council could pay a visit to Scarborough and check out the number of benches there.

Incredibly, not only do York council not add to the handful of benches in the city centre they remove the ones that were there!

Enough. Jesus would be tipping over stalls in purple-faced fury.

Brian McCusker,

Hartoft Street,



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