Spot the comedian

ISN'T it funny how we have one man, President Volodymyr Zelensky, an actor and comedian who became a politician and the saviour of his country and we have another man, Boris Johnson, a politician who becomes an actor and a comedian.

It's a strange world we live in.

D M Deamer

Penleys Grove Street,




British MPs: "Not fit to run a penny raffle"

WHILE the world is holding its breath with the threat of a nuclear war, what does our Parliament discuss: did Boris attend a party, did he lie or didn't he?

I am nearly 82 years of age and I have never seen or heard a more incompetent rabble of so-called intelligent people who are supposed to be running a country whose democracy was once the cornerstones of every democracy in the world.

They have all shown their true colours and are not fit to run a penny raffle let alone a country.

I am quite sure that my feelings are felt among a lot of people in Britain especially those in the twilight years.

T J Ryder,

Huntsmans Walk,




Thoughts on "Mister Putin’s Rocket" aka "Satan 2"

York Press: President Putin of RussiaPresident Putin of Russia

PRESIDENT ‘Vlad the Bad’ has a new rocket, just successfully tested.

He’s been bragging about it and threatening with it, in the manner of Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

It’s the RS-28 Sarmat ICBM, colloquially and appropriately known in the West as ‘Satan 2’.

With its multiple warheads, there’s very little it can’t obliterate and apparently its design renders it hard to intercept. Humankind is so inventive! To quote Spike Milligan, I think it was, from a Goon Show; "For my next trick, I’ll destroy myself!"

Let’s hope we never encounter ‘Mister Putin’s Rocket’. Put like that, or even spelt as ‘Mister Pootin’s Rocket’, it sounds almost benign - a children’s picture book, perhaps!

It will be 60 years ago in October when we nervously lived through the Cuban Missile Crisis. Russian rockets were involved then, too.

Such parallels beg the question: is the world a more dangerous place now than then?

Name and address supplied


Welcome words from our Archbishop on Rwanda plan

THE Easter message from the Archbishop of York was touching and supportive for all who are in need.

Subsequently he and the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke out against the plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda as ungodly.

They are to be applauded as is Sir Keir Starmer for his defence of their position and support for the Church of England.

It was to be expected that the PM and others would complain about church leaders interfering in politics.

Perhaps they need reminding that the archbishops are members of the House of Lords and hence entitled to speak politically as well as religiously as did Jesus Christ.

John D Brian,

Moorfield Way,



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