Why should council tax payers contribute £400,000 towards the repairs of a private road in Heworth Without (The Press, April 19) when there are lots of non-private roads badly in need of repair which the council seems to ignore?

If I wanted to park my car in Springfield Close I am sure the residents would quickly point out that it was private - except when it needs repairs.

This happened a few years ago when a so-called private toad called Wilton Rise in Holgate was resurfaced using rate-payers money.

A.P.Cox, Heath Close, Holgate, York


The council didn’t pay for our road to be fixed

The cul-de-sac where I live was an unadopted road. A few years ago the footpaths and road were in desperate need of a full repair.

Because it was unadopted, York council refused to do any work on it. Consequently we formed a local residents association, applied for and were granted private road status. Each of the 23 properties paid a substantial sum to have the road and footpaths fully resurfaced.

Unfortunately we didn’t have a leading York councillor living round the corner to get the council to pay for it.

Geoff Robb, Dunnington