Applying for World Heritage Status (The Press, April 18) would be a waste of time and money unless it brings a fundamental change to the planning regime in York.

We have seen mega student blocks and hotels approved which are too tall and completely out of scale with this ancient city, while citizens suffer ridiculous micro control over the most modest of benign domestic extensions.

Moreover, we have seen a total disregard for local and national planning policies resulting in unjustified demolition of an unlisted heritage asset in Piccadilly, that site then being handed over to favoured individuals at a knock down price to allow shipping containers to be stacked on it for a temporary period of three years. No sorry five years. No sorry again, eight and a half years and still counting.

Matthew Laverack, Architect, Lord Mayors Walk, York

We don’t need ‘World Heritage’ label

Your story on page 2 of Tuesday’s Press talks about the council needing to cut the schools transport budget by £300,000 (Pupil transport pledge amid cuts, April 19). On page three the same day there is a story about the council discussing spending £250,000 on a bid for World Heritage status.

Living in our historic city is good enough for most of us. We don’t need a ‘World Heritage’ designation.

John Zimnoch, Osbaldwick, York