Looking for a furry friend to introduce to your home? Look no further.

The RSPCA in York has three lovely dogs looking for their forever homes.

But don’t forget to visit the RSPCA website to see what other animals need your love.

Nyah, 3 years old

York Press: Nyah (RSPCA)Nyah (RSPCA)


Nyah is a lovely lurcher looking for her forever home. She was taken to the centre after her needs weren’t being met by her previous owner. She was quite underweight but is now starting to gain back some weight.

She does have some prey drive so will not be able to share her home with cats or small animals, but could live with another dog.

Find out more about Nyah here.

Peggy, 9 years old

York Press: Peggy (RSPCA)Peggy (RSPCA)


Peggy is a staffy who is a really sweet girl. She is very friendly but can be shy when meeting new people. However, once she knows you she is very cuddly.

She is a gentle girl who needs to be in a loving new home where she will be cherished and get spoilt for the rest of her life.

Peggy suffers from some old-age arthritis, she receives pain relief for this which she will need to stay on long term, however, she does very well on medication so this should not put you off.

Find out more about Peggy here.

Beans, approx 10 months old

York Press: Beans (RSPCA)Beans (RSPCA)


Beans is a sweet-natured Mastiff cross who arrived at the centre through no fault of his own.

He was very underweight and extremely hungry. He still needs to gain a little more weight but he is ready to start a new chapter in his life and find the loving home he deserves after such a terrible start to life.

Beans is very timid and shy with people he does not know, once he gets to know you he is a very friendly, loving and playful boy who just loves to be with you. Potential adopters will need to come and do multiple meets with Beans before taking him home.

Find out more about Beans here.

Don't forget to visit the RSPCA website to see what other animals need your love.