WHAT a week of political activity to kick off a local election campaign.

Several Tories under investigation for sex and drugs, one soon to be on their way to prison.

You’d think they would vet candidates before nominating them wouldn’t you, unless this is the kind of club they want to be?

The chancellor suddenly realising his family ought to pay some tax and a PM having to swap hiding in a fridge for a train ride into a war zone to escape the heat of breaking his own lockdown rules.

Yet I can’t help thinking that somehow they will still get away with it and all because, unlike the pathetic excuse of an opposition, Boris was able to finally define what a woman is.

That’s all it takes, our politics summed up right there.

If we are to have a credible opposition in the eyes of the electorate then all Keir Starmer must do is hire Crocodile Dundee as his diversity adviser.

No need for credible policies or highlighting the lies and corruption of the current government, just a simple stating of GCSE biology facts.

With such a farce going on in our own politics, is anybody really surprised that Putin holds the threats of intervention by the West in such contempt?

Dr Scott Marmion Woodthorpe, York