CLIMATE change activists from York have converged on the nation's capital to take part in protests.

The Extinction Rebellion York (XR York) activists have joined national climate protests in London for five days.

The activists were there to raise awareness of the climate crisis and target leaders and businesses who 'hold the power to enact change'.

Activists have blocked bridges, given theatrical performances, and glued and chained themselves to the HQs of major corporations funding fossil fuels and environmental exploitation.

Members of XR York have travelled to London to take part in disruptive protests.

Key moments from the rebellion include XR medics blocking a road and crucial issues surrounding climate justice. A black woman spoke to an almost entirely white audience, saying, “Climate change protest is one of the most anti-racist actions you can take.”

XR York coordinator Adam Myers has taken part in daily actions since the beginning of the 'rebellion' on April 9.

He said: “Almost every country in the world agrees action must happen now. But their plans fiddle about at the margins, not addressing the scale or urgency, and ignoring the recommendations of scientists,” says Adam. “One of the fundamental jobs of the government is to protect citizens from harm. Our government is failing to do this. Right now.”

York Press: XR York coordinator Adam Myers has taken part in daily actions since the beginning of the 'rebellion' on April 9XR York coordinator Adam Myers has taken part in daily actions since the beginning of the 'rebellion' on April 9


Despite serious warnings from climate experts, drastic change has not been made. National and local governments have been slow to act, leading to unprecedented civil disobedience in the capital.

He said: “The press are not talking about this monumental failure; they prefer to report on Will Smith slapping someone at an awards ceremony.

“I did not want to lie in roads. I do not want to be arrested. However, I do not feel I can be a bystander. The ballot box is not producing leaders who address our needs. We need to find a way that brings about meaningful change. All life on this planet literally depends on it.”

Dr Abi Perrin, member of XR York, has been planning and carrying out actions with XR Scientists, the branch of XR dedicated to understanding and communicating the science behind climate collapse and recovery.

“I’m here in London because I feel I need to be doing as much as I can to raise the alarm about the scale of the climate and ecological emergency and the urgent need for change,” said Dr Perrin, biology researcher at the University of York.

“I keep seeing the stark warning of scientists being ignored, so clearly doing the research, writing letters, and signing petitions is not enough to protect our planet and all life on it that is under threat.

“I hope that by being here with thousands of others, we can raise awareness, put pressure on a government who are failing us, and make connections that will help us build the fairer, brighter future we want to see."

More activists from the local group will join the London protests over the course of the weekend, many of whom will be arrested as part of a mass actions across the city.