THE actions of three men who helped provide First Aid to a woman after a crash in York this morning have been praised.

Three waste operatives, Paul Deighton, Michael Hernandez and Kieran Sherriff were among the first on the scene after a crash in Acomb Road in York where a woman is reported to have been badly injured.

Adam Bailey, managing director of, a waste removal firm based in Heworth said the trio from his firm were among the first on the scene before emergency services arrived.

They blocked the road with one of their purple vans to help stop traffic getting through and quickly went to work administering First Aid to the woman who was lying in the road with an injured leg.

Mr Bailey said the three men were driving through Acomb and came across the accident.

He said: "Our team didn't see the accident happen, but when they arrived they found a woman lying in the road.

"It looked like she'd been struck by a vehicle and her leg was badly injured.

"One of our waste operatives, Paul Deighton, used a makeshift strap to tie off her leg as she was losing a lot of blood, until the emergency services arrived."

Mr Bailey said all three men have now left the scene and, through their own choice, are back at work.

The woman is believed to have been taken to hospital by ambulance.

Dr Andrew Field, a GP with York Medical Group, was the first medic on the scene and has nothing but praise for the men's actions.

He said: "The men there were amazing in helping the person knocked over, who is very lucky to be alive. To manage to get her stabilised was a huge huge piece of work.

"I made sure she had no head or chest injuries, but she had a very serious leg injury and without their intervention it could have been a different story."

One eye witness, who doesn't want to be named, has since been in touch with the company to say: "I was a witness to a very serious crash this morning in Holgate.

"A team of your employees stopped to assist, stopped traffic and helped give first aid to the injured person, which may have helped save her life.

"They are a absolute credit to themselves and your company and deserve recognition for their fine conduct this morning.

"Unfortunately, I didn't get their names but I hope you can identify them and knowledge their efforts this morning."

A spokesperson for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service said: "We received an emergency call at 7.43am this morning to reports of a collision between a car and bike on Acomb Road, York. 

"An ambulance, rapid response vehicle and a team leader were dispatched to the scene and one patient was conveyed to Leeds General Infirmary."