A STREET dance group who won a TV talent show are performing tonight in York as part of their biggest tour to date.

Dance group Diversity, winners of the third season of Britain's Got Talent in 2009, are hitting the stage as part of a 79-show UK tour.

The group performed at York Barbican at 7.30pm on Monday, preceeded by a 'meet and greet' session with their York fans at 4.30pm. 

Creator and choreographer Ashley Banjo created their new show 'Connected', which centres around the internet, social media, and how it connects us all.

Speaking to The Press ahead of their show, Ashley said: "Its crazy how we're still here 13 years on.

"Every year that goes by, and every time we get to create a new touring show, I cannot believe we are still lucky enough to get to do this."

"But even after all this time, we are still growing, and this new decade and a new chapter for Diversity is sure to be something even more special than the last.

"I truly do believe that we have all connected in more ways than one and I cannot wait to bring this to life on stage."

The Press also asked Diversity how they convey a message and tell a story through dance.

Ashley said: "We ask questions to the audience around themes and ideas, we ask ‘how many of you use the internet’, and everyone holds up their hands, but when asked how many know what the internet is, people aren’t so sure.

“Our shows are about connecting with each other on a deeper level.

“The crowd laughs and cries and leaving feeling like they’ve learned something.”

While neither London-based Ashley, Jordan, nor Perri have visited York as tourists, here is what they have to say to their York fans:

Meanwhile, Diversity stars Jordan and Perri, who also present a radio show on Kiss, hosted their national breakfast show from York on Tuesday (April 5).

York Press:

Perri took to Instagram to share the news with his followers on Tuesday morning.

York Press:

Diversity will be back at York Barbican on April 27.

Musician Paul Weller will take to the stage at York Barbican on April 5, with Imelda May performing at the venue on April 6.