Britain has the right to drill for oil

WHEN Scotland becomes an independent nation Nicola Sturgeon will have the right to determine what can and cannot happen off its shores.

Until then Britain has the right to drill for oil without her permission.

In the meantime, she should save her breath to cool her porridge and be thankful its the English who continue to fund Scotland.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


North Yorkshire


Not everyone can afford alternative sources of heat

APRIL Fool's Day brings a nasty surprise to all of us with the energy companies delivering eye-watering price hikes.

Perhaps this is not their fault with the almost stupid world we seem to have inherited from outside (market and military forces) but this government must do something more than pay lip service and dip their hands in the water bowl of indifference.

The rich can afford solar panels and alternative heating strategies which most of us cannot afford.

The earth has vast untapped energy wealth if we but seek it.

A caring government would be making constructive measures for the less unfortunate to acquire these vital measures to join this elite club of self sufficiency and also make for a greener world that is no longer strangled by those oil moguls.

Will a caring government please stand up to this challenge?

Phil Shepherdson

Chantry Close



Was this an April Fool?

READING the article in Thursday's Press (March 31, 2022) regarding the the person who walked out of the Shakespeare's play in York's Theatre Royal complaining because it was spoken in a broad Yorkshire accent.

Performed in Yorkshire for Yorkshire folk it must be the April Fool's Day article in the Press!

It must be the most ridiculous reason for vacating the theatre and I presume his name must be 'oral of lip ' (anagram of April fool).

D M Deamer

Penleys Grove Street,

Monkgate, York


A bunny isn't just for Easter

EVERYONE can help make this a happy Easter by ensuring the only bunnies they buy or give as gifts are toy ones.

Breeders are quick to churn out cute baby rabbits for profit, but four out of five bought over this period end up abandoned or dead before the next Easter rolls around.

They’re found dumped by the roadside or by rubbish bins, and let loose, they don’t stand a chance of fending for themselves.

Rabbits are not an “easy” option as a companion animal – they require a lot of time, commitment, and specialised care.

They need as much love, attention, and socialising as a dog does. As their teeth never stop growing, they chew incessantly, gnawing through shoes, cables, and even the paint on the walls, and they are so sensitive that they can become dangerously ill very easily.

Each time a rabbit is sold by a breeder or pet shop, another will be bred to replace them, so buying from these outlets worsens the animal homelessness crisis and makes for a thoroughly unhappy Easter.

Sadly, shelters will be inundated with rabbits in the coming weeks, so if you are able to care for a rabbit (ideally two, as they need companionship), wait until Easter has passed and visit your local shelter to discuss adoption.

Jennifer White

Media and Communications Manager




Where's Harry?

I NOTICED that at the service of thanksgiving for Prince Philip, Prince Harry was conspicuous by his absence.

Even Prince Andrew made the effort to attend. I wonder if Megan had anything to do with it?

M Horsman,

Moorland Road,



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