Ahead of the energy price cap rise, a method was revealed by Martin Lewis on Good Morning Britain on how households outside the A-D council tax band range could still get the £150 energy rebate.

This was a measure to combat the new energy bill price cap rising by 54% from Friday (April 1).

It means energy prices will rise by £693 a year for millions of households after regulator Ofgem hiked the price cap on bills to £1,971.

The energy regulator is responsible for the energy price cap which limits how much providers can charge customers on their energy bills.

This increase follows a 12% rise in October and will take effect this week.

The energy price cap increase comes as households across the UK are facing increasing financial pressure amid the cost-of-living crisis with everyday goods, such as food, clothes and petrol, on the rise.

How can households outside the A-D council tax band get the £150 energy rebate?

Martin Lewis appeared on Good Morning Britain yesterday (Wednesday, March 30) to share advice on what steps to take ahead of the energy price cap rise.

He made a point that there were many people who were "cash poor" but living in houses in the council tax band E and above, who could do with the energy rebate coming to them as well.

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After discussions with Chancellor Rishi Sunak Lewis suggested creating a discretionary slush fund to help those who would otherwise miss out on the rebate.

Lewis went on: "There's £140 million available for people who are not in band A-D.

"If you are really struggling on your energy bills you can apply to your local council - it's council-by-council terms - and by discretion can give you £150 if you're not eligible for that money."

This is something households would need to do in April.