Your correspondent Terence Ryder of Acomb really does need to think about what he writes on finances. The last Labour Government did NOT bankrupt the country - but the current government is making a good fist of doing so.

Between 2010 and 2015 the Tory-led government borrowed more money than all previous governments in history combined. This has continued.

The austerity programme has led to a collapse of public services, with massive cuts in local government funding. The last two budget statements by the chancellor have given billions to the banks and more money to the rich while increasing taxes on the average family.

There has also been a breaking of manifesto promises with the end of the triple lock on pensions so that more pensioners will be moving into poverty.

The last Labour government reduced poverty among children and pensioners, whereas we can now look forward to a continued fall in living standards under this government - unless you are a banker. Living standards will continue to fall and the poorest will suffer the most - disgraceful.

James Cannon, Holgate