AN AUDIENCE member walked out of a Shakespeare play at York Theatre Royal - because the performance featured Yorkshire accents.

The Northern Broadsides Theatre Company was staging Shakespeare's As You Like It at the famous York theatre.

However, it would seem the performance wasn't to everyone's taste.

Tom Bird, chief executive of York Theatre Royal, took to Twitter to vent his disbelief.

York Press:

He tweeted: "We've got a complaint this morning @YorkTheatre from someone who left after an hour of @NBroadsides #AsYouLikeIt last week, because it had 'Yorkshire accents' in it.

"That's Yorkshire accents, right here in Yorkshire.

"They want a refund."

Mr Bird's tweet sparked more than 1,200 likes and dozens of comments.

Phillippa Vallely tweeted: "Yorkshire accents, in Yorkshire, from a Yorkshire-based theatre company, that was SPECIFICALLY created to showcase Yorkshire accents in all roles? Heaven forbid."

While Sian-Estelle Petty added: "Surely in the top 10 of ridiculous complaints?"

Di Cheshire tweeted: "The production is brilliant! Loved every single second of it! Shakespeare performed as it was meant to be performed ... what did they want? Olivier style Received Pronunciation? Ye Gods."

Sian Mannifield added: "Oh dear! When I was doing Macbeth at Stafford Shakespeare Festival we got a complaint it was ruined by the Scottish accents…"

Asked on Twitter if the audience member who complained would get their money back, Mr Bird replied "no chance".

Northern Broadsides Theatre Company, based in Halifax, says it celebrates Northern voices through Shakespeare, classics and new plays.