Looking for a furry friend to introduce to your home? Look no further.

The RSPCA in York has three lovely cats looking for their forever homes.

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Ginger, male

10 years old

York Press: Ginger (RSPCA)Ginger (RSPCA)

Ginger arrived at the centre after his owner sadly passed away. He was briefly adopted by a friend but unfortunately, he did not settle with the other cats living there.

He is a friendly but very independent cat who likes to be around people but also likes to spend time on his own, so would need a pet free and adult only home.

Ginger is a loving boy and just wants to find his forever home.

Find out more about Ginger on the RSPCA website here.

Chip, male

6.5 years old

York Press: Chip (RSPCA)Chip (RSPCA)

Chip was brought to the centre after he was discovered living in an abandoned building. He can be nervous around people, however he has come on well at the centre so they believe it is time for him to find his home.

However, he still has a long way to go so he will need patient and understanding adopters who can help him overcome his fears.

Chip is FIV + so will need to be the only cat in an adult only home. He will also need to be a permanent house cat.

Find out more about Chip here.

Machita, female

3 years 9 months old

York Press: Machita (RSPCA)Machita (RSPCA)

Machita was sadly returned to the centre after being adopted as a kitten. However, this is no fault of her own as she is a very sweet girl who would make a perfect addition to the family.

She can be a little shy at first, but once she gets to know you she opens up.

Machita will need a nice quiet home where she can relax and enjoy life once again, so she will need a home where she is the only pet and any children will need to be aged 14 years and over.

Find out more about Machita on the RSPCA website here.


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