With warmer days ahead in spring and summer, it's time to put away the thick winter layers and bring out the cooler clothes.

Taking the time to store your winter shoes is definitely worth it and doing it properly means an increased lifespan, better smell and less dust. 

Clarks has put together a handy guide on the best ways to keep your winter shoes at their best over the warmer months. 

Here are five top tips for storing shoes in winter. 

How to store shoes- in winter

1. Clean shoes thoroughly before storage 

Cleaning shoes properly means the material is less likely to deteriorate, especially with leather or suede shoes. 

Use a light spritz of homemade 1:1 white vinegar and water spray to freshen up your shoes.

Make sure to leave them for 24 hours to dry before stories away to avoid any lingering moisture.

2. Use shoe trees to maintain your shoes’ shape 

Shoe trees are useful for two reasons - keeping the shape and preventing moisture.

Make sure to buy a shoe tree with the correct size to avoid stretching the shoes and rest them for at least one day after wearing them. 

3. Stuff shoes with acid-free tissue paper 

Using Acid-free tissue paper absorbent and prevents deterioration

It will avoid damp, mould growth and can be used to prop up the leg of boots. 

4. Store shoes in their box or a plastic box 

Keeping the original boxes for shoes is a great way of increasing the lifespan of shoes.

Wrapping them in acid-free tissue paper can stop dust building up and prevents them from being creased. 

5. Keep them in a cool, dark environment 

Extreme temperatures and levels of humidity can weaken your shoes, so it’s best to store them in a cool and dark place, like in your wardrobe or under your bed, out of direct heat and sunlight

Avoid storing shoes in a garage or basement, and anywhere else that gets very cold in winter or very warm in summer.