Some legal clarity required over P&O sackings

I WAS under the impression that failure to report a possible crime of which you have prior knowledge is against the law.

As I understand things our Government was aware of a possible breach of the law, namely the intention of P&O to sack a large number of seafarers without following the proper procedures, and made a deliberate decision to do nothing. "Commercial sensitivity" given priority over livelihood and decency on this occasion.

Now my question is this: if the man stood next to me in the pub tonight informs me he is planning on doing a little light fingered thieving in the next few days, do I report it to the police, or wait until his catalogue comes out and negotiate a good price for that Swiss watch I've always desired?

Obviously I know my moral obligations in this situation, but I would like a little clarity on the legal aspect.

Richard D Bowen,

Farrar Street,


Will Christian Vassie pay to insulate my home?

I UNDERSTAND Christian Vassie believes £30,000 to insulate my home is not a substantial amount of money.

Of course if the climate was really significantly warmer that it should be then I wouldn’t need to insulate in the first place.

But as winters are still cold here, I could do with some extra insulation which means I’ll need said 30 grand.

Unfortunately I’ve looked down the back of the sofa and couldn’t find it, nor do I collect that sum of public money each year for chairing a few pointless council meetings on an issue they have no control over.

So can I ask Cllr Vassie if he would mind lending me that sum himself?

On the traditional terms of the bank of mum and dad naturally, and then I’ll gladly get the upgrade.

Come on Christian, you know a good investment when you see one and you want to do all you can to save the polar bears.

Now is your chance to put your money where your mouth is, the money would as you say be staying with us, so its no loss to you personally. Or is it?

Dr Scott Marmion,



Council "tone deaf" over new active travel video

FURTHER to your article featured yesterday, ‘Campaign Promotes Activity’ I wish to express my total dismay that this disgraceful exclusionary video could ever have been signed off by the Council for release.

According to Cllr Fisher, he sees disabled people everywhere so it seems astonishing that they have managed to shoot a film totally devoid of anyone with a visible impairment. Not a wheelchair user, a white cane user or indeed even anyone seemingly older than 40 years. Even the bus shots feature a set of young legs boarding a step up to the bus. And for a film promoting cycling not a glimpse of a disabled person with an adapted cycle. And all to the accompaniment of lyrics that include “Life is so innocent, life is so sweet” and “Don’t feel so old, you have your whole life ahead of you”

Leaving aside the backdrop of a pandemic that is still killing 600+ people weekly, it is just astonishing to me that having spent two whole years discussing access for disabled and older people, the council can be so tone deaf as to put out there, their vision of a city socially cleansed of those residents they find an inconvenience.

Flick Williams,


Chancellor's fuel cut is "miserly"

MOTORISTS are daily being ripped off as fuel prices continue to rise, bearing no comparison in the increase in wholesale costs. So how does the Chancellor react... ? By deducting a miserly 5p per litre. In the meantime the Treasury, oil producers, petrol stations continue to rake in the cash, a constant smile on their faces having no thought whatsoever for their customers.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


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