Looking for a furry friend to introduce to your home? Look no further.

The RSPCA in York has four lovely dogs looking for their forever homes.

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Zeus, Male

5 years old approximately

Zeus has had a sad start in life having been found abandoned by his previous owner. He was underweight and is still trying to put weight back on.

York Press: Zeus (RSPCA)Zeus (RSPCA)

However, despite his ordeal, Zeus is a happy, friendly boy who loves meeting new people. He will need some additional training from his new family, but he is keen to learn.

Zeus is suitable to live with other dogs (who can match his energy!) and children aged 13 years and over.

Find out more about Zeus here.

Patches, Male

4 years old

Patches was brought to the centre when an inspection discovered his needs weren’t being met. He is a lovely boy, but due to his past of being physically abused, he can be sceptical of men.York Press: Patches (RSPCA)Patches (RSPCA)

Once he knows you, Patches is extremely friendly and loving.

Potential adopters will need to be patient with Patches so he can build a bond and learn to enjoy life and make up for lost time.

He has missed out on a lot of happy experiences and is now looking for someone to take him home and love him forever.

Due to some previous injuries Patches needs daily pain relief which he takes very well in some food, despite this he still loves his walks. He will need an adult only and pet free home.

Find out more about Patches here.

Dude, Male

2.5 years old

Dude is a beautiful little fella who came to the centre after his previous owner could no longer meet his needs.

He is loving, but very complex so will need understanding and experienced adopters who will give him the time he needs to settle into his new home.

York Press: Dude (RSPCA)Dude (RSPCA)

He has been training at the centre which is going well, but adopters will need to continue with training when Dude goes home with them.

Dude will need to meet with potential adopters multiple times before adoption so he bonds with his new owners before actually going home with them.

He will need an adult only and pet free home.

Find out more about Dude here.

Lara, Female

3.5 years old

Lara is a very sweet girl who will need a very understanding and experienced new owner. She is fully deaf, and partially blind so she is very nervous of sudden movements.

York Press: Lara (RSPCA)Lara (RSPCA)

She is very dependent on her owner and will require her training to be continued from leaving the centre.

When she gets to know you, Lara is the sweetest and most loyal partner.

If you want to give Lara her forever home, visit her profile here.

Don’t forget to visit the York RSPCA website to see what other animals need your love.