A POPULAR York band have announced they will release their third single later this month - ahead of the launch of their debut album.

Skylights, made up of four friends from the city, will release 'Outlaw' on March 25 - another single that will feature on their debut album 'What You Are'.

A spokesperson for 42's Records, who signed the band in 2020, said: "Skylights' work ethic, honesty, integrity and energy, their constant engagement with fans via social media and a string of sold-out shows have earned them a fast growing, loyal and hugely enthusiastic fanbase around the UK.

"Their iron bond with their supporters is both admired and envied by their peers and many more established artists."

The band said the new track was inspired by the people of Aberdeen, which has become their third home after York and Leeds - and the chorus pays tribute to an Aberdeen Football Club fan chant.

York Press:

Skylights' previous singles on 42’s Records, called 'Enemies' and 'Darkness Falls' hit number two in the UK Physical Singles Chart and number 14 in the UK Vinyl Singles Chart respectively on release.

The band have just announced that they will be playing at their "dream" venue, Leeds O2 Academy, in July.