ENGLAND'S oldest tourist attraction is set to host a 'spellbinding exhibition'.

Mother Shipton's cave in Knaresborough is hosting an exhibition by Mister Finch, a textile artist from Leeds, who creates incredibly detailed ‘creatures’ from recycled scraps of thread and fabric.

He said he has chosen the cave because when visiting a few years ago, he made a wish which later came true. This fondness, coupled with the mystery and wonder surrounding Mother Shipton’s Cave, makes it the perfect place to house Mister Finch’s unique works of art.

He said: “My new book 'The Museum Of Figments' tells the tale of Witches and their magical quick moving helpers 'Figments'. They end up collected together in a secret museum and stored alongside enchanted artifacts and tools. What better place to display some of the characters from the story than in the grounds of this historic and magical place. I've been coming to the cave for years and I know first-hand how incredibly special and potent this place is.”

Jay Stelling, Marketing Coordinator at Mother Shipton’s, said: “We are so honoured to be hosting this wonderful exhibition in our curious little museum. Mister Finch’s artwork ties in so beautifully to the nature and folklore surrounding the site, as well as the magic and mystery that draws visitors into learning about the legend of Mother Shipton.

“We’ve all been fans of Mister Finch for a long time, and we can’t wait for our visitors to see the showcase.” The exhibition is due to run through the Spring months. The cave plans to re-open for visitors for weekends from March 19 (weather dependent) and then every day from April 1.

Tickets can be purchased here.