Whether you’re a keen podcast listener, a audio book lover or someone who can’t resist bouncing around to your favourite tunes, enjoying that all privately is sometimes just what we need.

With a good pair of earphones, you can’t go wrong and Sony has released a new pair for you to get your hands on.

LinkBuds are the new way to enjoy the trail of all sorts of sounds from your electronic devices straight to your ears.

Since the LinkBuds are wireless, you can listen to all your favourite things on the move.

York Press: Sony LinkBuds in white (Sony)Sony LinkBuds in white (Sony)

Sony LinkBuds features

Here’s a list of some of the LinkBuds’ features:

  • Digital Sound Enhancement Engine (high quality sound)
  • Adaptive Volume Control
  • Wide Area Tap
  • Speak-to-Chat
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • 360 Reality Audio

Where to buy Sony LinkBuds

If you’re looking to buy yourself or someone else a pair of LinkBuds, here’s some of the places you can shop them.

Turn off the outside world with these LinkBuds earrphones, available for £150 via AO’s website.

While the website lists the LinkBuds in the colours white and grey, currently the grey option is sold out so it’s worth checking back for more stock.

Buy LinkBuds here.

For £150 at John Lewis, you can give yourself the break you deserve with LinkBuds.

Complete with a case, LinkBuds give you the opportunity to look stylish wherever you go. Both white and grey LinkBuds are available on the John Lewis website.

Buy LinkBuds here.

York Press: Sony LinkBuds in Grey (Sony)Sony LinkBuds in Grey (Sony)

Boots Kitchen Appliances also stocks the new earphones on its website at the same price. It looks like the white pair is the only option so if that’s the one you’ve been looking for, you know where to go.

Buy LinkBuds here.

Currys also stocks the LinkBuds but at a slightly cheaper price, £149 each. Both colours are in stock on the Currys website at the time of writing.

Buy LinkBuds here.

York Press: Sony LinkBuds in white (left) and Sony LinkBuds in grey (right) inside the case. (Sony/Canva)Sony LinkBuds in white (left) and Sony LinkBuds in grey (right) inside the case. (Sony/Canva)

Argos is selling the white version of Sony’s LinkBuds for £150 and they’re in stock so there’s no better time to treat yourself.

Buy LinkBuds here.

And of course, you can also grab yourself a pair of the new LinkBuds via Sony’s website. They’re available for £149 and you can find out more about the design and features via the website too.