WORLD recorder breakers will be among 100 superfast vehicles from across the UK on show at Elvington Airfield this Saturday and Sunday for the Straightliners Open Weekend.

The event promises rare and interesting bikes and drag cars, including a roadworthy coin-operated childs amusement ride ‘Postman Pat Van’, a steam powered ‘”rocket” motorcycle ‘Force of Nature’ and the fastest woman in the world on two wheels Becci Ellis’s new bike ODYSSEY’.

It will also give an insight to Straightliners 40+ land speed, Guinness World Speed Records, wheelie, drag racing, sprint and drag & drift events it organises around the UK.

There will be top speed, wheelie and drag racing vehicles on display under cover along with engineering displays and top speed seminars.

Visitors will have a chance to meet the vehicle riders / drivers and their support teams can get to meet world record holders for many different types of vehicles.

The event will have guided tours of the world famous ‘Runway 26’ at Elvington where most of the speed records are broken.

There will also be catering, merchandise and motorsport product related stands. Admission is £5 for adults, kids and parking are free.