A secret bar hidden behind a fridge-freezer in York has been named among the best speakeasy's in the UK.

The roaring 20's are back with hundreds of ‘speakeasy’ bars hidden in every corner and crevice of the UK.

Online drinks retailer The Bottle Club has put together a list of the UK's best secret bars - analysing their secrecy, creativity, cocktail range, prices and Google ratings.

The nation's most mysterious bars were ranked against one another as judges marked each bar out of 50.

York Press: Photos via Tripadvisor show Hi Ho Club.Photos via Tripadvisor show Hi Ho Club.

Hi Ho Club - found at 10 Feasegate - is a 1940’s New York-inspired bar which you enter via a fridge-freezer in Charlie's Pizzeria.

Speakeasy guests can enjoy pizzas, sandwiches and meat boards or stand mysteriously by the cocktail bar.

You can expect anything from live jazz to burlesque shows by York's very own Freida Nipples.

Hi Ho Club won the same scores as Bunny Jacksons in Manchester and Discount Suit Company in London.

Hi Ho Club received an overall score of 35.1 out of 50 - rating highest in the cocktail price category at 9.3 out of 10.

It was also praised in the creativity category (7.5 out of 10), establishing it as the UK’s sixteenth most mysterious bar.

Shyam Lakhani from The Bottle Club said; “In a world dominated by social media stories and online advertising, many are drawn to the idea of exclusivity.

"Providing what the consumer craves through secrecy and rarity, the ‘speakeasy’ drives our deepest desire to uncover the mystery, discover the story for ourselves and be part of a premium experience, all at once.”

York Press: Pictured, Cerys Hudson.Pictured, Cerys Hudson.

Hi Ho Club is run by Charlie Hudson, who opened the restaurant and bar in her late sister's memory.

The venue opened on May 12 - 10 years on from the death of her sister, Cerys, who lost her battle with cancer, aged 36, leaving behind two children.

Charlie previously told The Press: “It has always been a dream of mine to open up my own place. Everyday life, work and commitment have gotten in the way but this venture is a dream come true and will also help provide a financial income to give the kids what they need, as they approach adulthood and university, and to hopefully help my mum who has looked after us all over the last decade."