CLIMATE change campaigners from York are setting up a club for people who vow not to travel by aeroplane for a year.

The No Miles High Club (NMHC) is calling on people to make the carbon-cutting resolution "to benefit the whole planet".

The NMHC's organisers are confident members won't miss out on exotic holidays - they say it will simply take longer to get to far-flung destinations.

In the meantime, the club hopes to arrange discounts for members with local, green-minded businesses.

The group is being launched in Pivo Café Bar, Patrick Pool, off the central market square in York, at 8pm, on Sunday.

The club's members will receive free drinks if they haven't flown in the previous 12 months. And anyone signing up will be entered into a draw to win Eurostar tickets.

To join, members must simply promise not to take any flights for a year.

The club is being set up by a group of York-based campaigners, who want to provide an incentive to live ethically.

It is being funded by the Pollution Tax Association, which collects a voluntary pollution tax from its members. This is then donated to charities involved in combating the effects of climate change in the Third World.

Spokesman Richard Lane said a growing number of people recognised the growth in cheap flights was having a huge impact on the environment, and were choosing to do without it.

He said: "A lot of people think everyone else is taking flights all over the world, why shouldn't I?' It helps when you realise you are not alone. And it helps even more if you get a free drink, a discount, or a train trip to the continent."

He said air travel would account for 60 per cent of the UK's CO2 output by 2030 if allowed to continue growing at the present rate.

"We need to get used to flying less," Mr Lane said. "We need people to become aware that flying off on holiday or business trips three times a year is just as ugly and inconsiderate as owning a 4x4."

"Membership works on honesty, but also a signed declaration, which is a contract pledging not to fly for a year."

Members will receive invitations to future promotions and events at supporting venues, as well as a no planes bonus' for a flight-free year.

"For anyone who is ever thought about their carbon footprint, the No Miles High Club is perfect," said Richard "Don't give up on the alcohol or chocolate, give up the carbon. That is how you can really make a difference in 2008."