A jewellery brand based in York has launched a secret service engagement ring concierge to help its customers keep their engagement plans from getting out.

Proposing to your partner can be tricky to keep secret so if you’re looking for a bit of help with the surprise element, look no further.

Nightingale in Colliergate is an independent and ethical jewellery brand that realises the potential risks of letting the cat out of the bag.

The service helps customers keep the engagement ring a secret in a few different ways.

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Nightingale’s secret service engagement ring concierge takes the time to come up with fake identities, alternative packaging, secret meet-ups, hand delivery and discreet emails.

So if you’re worried your partner might answer the phone to a staff member at Nightingale, find the box that contains the ring or get suspicious of your trip to York to meet the team.

York Press: A proposal (Canva)A proposal (Canva)

That’s not all. As part of the service, Nightingale can hand deliver engagement rings to avoid the package arriving at home and causing suspicions. The jewellery brand does offer insured home delivery too.  

It can also use discreet communication in emails to ensure it isn’t obvious who you’re receiving emails from if your partner was to see it.

An engagement ring from Nightingale still comes in a box but the secret service concierge gives you the option to have it packaged up in something else too, like a shoe box, making it less suspicious.

York Press: An engagement ring in a box being handed to someone (Canva)An engagement ring in a box being handed to someone (Canva)

All of the methods within the plan are in place to help people keep an engagement ring a secret.

Claire Beatson, General Manager, said: “Over the years we’ve found our clients making some rather unusual requests when it comes to keeping the ring a secret from their partner, which has resulted in us developing a secret service concierge which allows us to provide a truly top-tier service for our customers. It’s my role to maintain client communications and I have to say some of the lengths we go to really do make me feel like an undercover detective of sorts...”

Book Nightingale’s secret service engagement ring concierge

If this sounds like a great plan for you, here’s how you can book an appointment.

You can visit the general enquiry page on Nightingale’s website. This is where you’ll be asked who you would like the team to say is calling and they’ll take it from there.