THREE actors from the Harry Potter films are coming to York this February.

Josh Herdman, Draco's sidekick Gregory Goyle who has appeared in all of the Harry Potter films, plus Guy Henry who played Pius Thicknesse, and Chris Rankin who played Percy Weasley, are going to be the special guests at York's Winter Comic-Con on Sunday, February 13, at York Racecourse.

The actors, alongside Peter Davidson who has starred as the fifth doctor in Doctor Who, will be available for fans to meet, get autographs from and take selfies with.

Sharon Hall of Unleashed Events, who host comic-cons nationwide said: “If you have never been to a comic-con before then York Winter Comic-Con is a great place to start. It has a little bit of everything for everyone!

"It is great to see kids meeting their ‘real’ superhero as well as seeing the Dads showing off as Batman for the ultimate photo pose. It is all about escaping reality and having fun!”

Comic-Cons began as an event focusing on comic book culture, however over time, they cover a multitude of entertainment, such as films, TV shows and video games.

They are described as a form of escapism from reality where pop geek culture - sci-fi, superheroes, zombies and fantasy are experienced altogether in one event, with the chance to meet guests from much loved films and TV shows.

The event will also offer the chance for fans to meet the comic creators and authors of their much loved fantasy worlds, and offer the chance to have your photo take with Gremlins.

People of all ages often come along dressed in costumes of their favourite anime, TV or game characters and show off their geeky side - however this is not a requirement for attending the event.

Although those who do dress up can enter York Comic-con's cosplay masquerade competition with a chance to win some 'geeky goodies'.

Plus, The Cosplay Championship contest, which is new to 2022, invites those who have made at least 70 per cent of their cosplay outfits themselves to enter.

Both of the contests will be presented on stage by the event's host, The Infamous Smiley Quinn.

There are traders selling everything from art, comics, games to collectables of the fantasy worlds that cannot be found elsewhere on the high street.

York Comic-con will also host attractions including an inflatable shooting range, a Jurassic Park jeep, the cosplay groups Mos Eisley Misfits and the fifth Legion, and a children's activity area.

Food and drink is served all day.

Tickets are not necessary as you can purchase one at the door from 11am, however advance tickets are available from