In Monday’s Press (January 24) there were two letters that struck me: one from Phil Shepherdson regarding Russia’s President Putin’s possible intention to invade Ukraine, and the other letter from TJ Ryder who commented on the childish antics of our politicians in the House of Commons.

President Putin must be laughing his head off in The Kremlin.

He knows that we will argue in our press and radio and TV news programmes, all day long, week after week, about anything - particularly ‘bring a bottle’ parties at No 10. But ‘big boy’ problems like invading Ukraine will be over and done with before our politicians realise it. Then what?

Ah, Sleepy Joe, President of the USA, will help! Putin is now rolling around. He can’t laugh anymore, his sides hurt so much.

Sanctions, they will all cry. Putin will reply, so you don’t want my gas then? Russians are excellent chess players. Check Mate.

Stuart Wilson, Vesper Drive, Acomb