A YORK based musician will soon be releasing his first single of the new year.

Dimitri Efstathiou, better known by his stage name ‘Deeviant’, is a rapper based in Acomb, who will release 'Trust Issues' on Friday, January 28.

The rapper has had a varied career that has seen him perform with the likes of Lowkey, Mic Righteous and Lunar C.

London-born ‘Deeviant’ came to York at a young age.

For a couple of years now, he has been managed by Zeco Williams, 37, who comes from Hyde Park, Leeds and is part of Shyne Management.

Mr Williams said: “Me and Deeviant met through mutual friends on the set of his music video for ‘We Don’t Play’ about two years ago. Since then we got to know each other on a family level and became business minded partners.

“After a few shows we decided to start as manager and artist. From there we have been on go mode, with new music videos, ideas and promoting Deeviant and Shyne Management.”

Deeviant’s new song will release tomorrow, Friday January 28.

Describing his Deeviant’s journey and sound, Zeco said: “From hearing his music from when we first met to what he is doing now is amazing. Being on the journey with him and watching him shine is a blessing. He has a unique sound and many people can relate to most of his songs, like his newest single.

“Trust Issues is about a relationship that broke down and it’s very meaningful. The song has meaning to him and many others. It’s great to sit and watch him pour his feelings out with a pen, then to hear the finished product.

“He really is gifted and this is just the beginning. We have many things planned for 2022.”

From his new song, fans can expect a real life situation that is easily relatable with an up-tempo beat and a catchy chorus.

Alongside producing new music, Deeviant has recently toured and performed with the likes of Dappy and Dutchavelli.

On this, Mr Williams said: “His stand out moments for me are supporting Dappy on his tour and the Dutchavelli show through Unity Through Music, in association with teenage cancer. On the shows the energy, love and support was overwhelming and we made a lot of new connections in the music scene.

“This year also we will be supporting Big In Di Manor Entertainment Tour at their Leeds show on February 24. We’ve already been booked to support the legendary London rapper K Koke on behalf of Big In Di Manor at their show in Sheffield on March 19 alongside other supporting acts.”