A HEALTHCARE provider in York has launched a new charitable arm to support projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on emotional wellbeing and mental health in the city.

Nimbuscare, a not-for-profit organisation made up of 11 GP practices working collaboratively across the city, has set up its new Community Fund to enable investment back into the local communities that it serves.

Each year, Nimbuscare and its member GP practices will agree a new theme or focus, as well as the amount of funding to be allocated to projects that meet the criteria. The focus for the remainder of the 2021/22 financial year is on projects that benefit the emotional wellbeing and mental health of local people. A panel will meet three times each year to award grants of up to £5,000 to organisations and projects that meet the criteria in the area.

Nimbuscare is working in partnership with the Two Ridings Community Foundation on the fund, which will help to allocate the grant funding on its behalf. Grant applications can be made by a wide range of community, charitable and voluntary organisations.

Nimbuscare’s chief executive Madeline Ruff said: “As a relatively young but rapidly growing not-for-profit organisation, it is very important to us that we give something back to the communities that we serve. We’re delighted to be working with the Two Ridings Community Foundation to allocate grant funding to projects that will benefit local people.

“Our funding priorities will be reviewed annually but, for this year, we want to support organisations and projects that enhance and promote the mental health and emotional wellbeing of local people. This could be anything from offering music therapy to organising walking groups, to name just a couple of ideas. We’re keen to support a wide range of projects and initiatives that promote mental health and wellbeing in its very broadest sense.

“I’d encourage any organisations who’d like to submit a grant application or find out more about our Community Fund to visit the Two Ridings website. We’re really excited to hear their ideas and proposals.”

For further details on the funding, visit the Two Ridings website at: www.tworidingscf.org.uk

The York GP practices which make up Nimbuscare include York Medical Group, Dalton Terrace Surgery, Unity Health, Jorvik Gillygate Practice, My Health, Priory Medical Group, Pocklington Medical Practice, Old School Practice, Front Street Practice, Elvington Practice and Haxby Group Practice.

During the pandemic, the healthcare provider has operated the mass Covid-19 vaccination centre at Askham Bar. The centre is set to take on an additional new role as a health village - where people can go for health checks for conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, stroke and dementia.