I’m not interested in personal abuse and petty party politics. That’s hiding the real current scandal.

Yes, we all like a social drink. I’ve had a nice pint or two at the end of my working week. But not a lunchtime on a working day. Not as part of a wine and cheese ‘do’ that’s allegedly a work event. And especially not in the middle of a life and death situation.

I mentioned a ‘social drink’. That’s fine. But the level of quaffing that seems to be going on is astounding. Don’t forget that the booze at these ‘works dos’ comes out of departmental budgets...in other words the money that you and I stump up in tax. We’re getting the drinks in for our MPs and their unelected SPADs. Aren’t we generous?

Then onto this so-called bullying culture. Yes, we all know that nothing in the real world is done entirely by the Queensbury Rules - but the idea that MPs should be swayed in the way they vote by implications that if they don’t vote the ‘right way’ certain ‘accidents’ may happen is straight out of The Godfather.

I don’t think my representative should be made an offer he can’t refuse.

Most successful candidates on election night talk about serving all their constituents. Recent events show that many serve the wine bottle and the Whips’ office in preference. It doesn’t matter what rosette you wear: that’s unacceptable and has to change.

David Lewis, Church End, Cawood, Selby

Why is drink not regarded as a drug?

Why is alcohol regarded as somehow not a ‘drug’? Though the occasional glass of alcohol is safe, I think it is easy for alcohol consumption to become a problem.

Nowadays we do not encourage smoking but drinking is still portrayed, by those who profit from its sale, as convivial.

Many are jollier after a few drinks yet, worryingly, many become aggressive sexually or in other ways. Even if heavy drinkers don`t hurt others, they can need emergency or long-term medical care from our over-stretched health service and/or restraint from our over-stretched police.

Taken in excess, and that is sadly encouraged by some, alcohol is a dangerous drug.

Rose Berl, De Little Court, Vine Street, York