CHILDREN impressed an MP when they showed her how their school is helping to protect the planet.

York Central MP Rachael Maskell visited York Steiner School to open their new plastic recycling centre for toothbrushes and crisp packets and their newest bike shed.

The school off Fulford Road now has eight bike areas with spaces for 120 bikes. It has more than 200 pupils from pre-school to 14 years old.

“Being green is a natural part of the ethos of our school and our children want to share their experiences with Rachael as well as learning more about policies on the environment,” said Class 3 teacher, Fiona Dudley.

“They were bursting with questions for Rachael today on issues ranging from concerns about protecting the Green Belt to the sustainability of electric cars and she answered everything brilliantly.”

Staff said afterwards that the MP had been impressed by their school and had called it "amazing".

Pupils from Classes 6, 7 and 8 gave her a tour of the school and showed her their green initiatives.

They include compost bins, a school allotment where they grow food, a predominantly organic cafe and lessons on how to make and mend clothes and bake bread.