January is often the time we organise, renew and make changes to our lifestyle.

After Christmas you might also begin tidying and cleaning your house, getting it back to its usual shape after the big celebrations.

If you’re looking to renew old cleaning products or prepare early for a Spring clean, we have you covered.

Lakeland has launched its Spring Cleaning Event and it includes discounts on big brands such as Shark, Astonish and Joseph Joseph.

The event starts on Thursday, January 20 and ends on Wednesday, February 9 and it’s running both in-store and online.

What items are discounted in Lakeland’s Spring Cleaning Event?

Lakeland has rounded up a few of the items you can find at discounted prices while the Spring Cleaning Event is on.

Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner

York Press: Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner (Lakeland)Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner (Lakeland)

Original price: £379.99

Sale price: £229.99

Kick off your clean-up project with a spot of vacuuming.

This cordless vacuum could be just what you need if you’re a pet owner since it’s designed to pick up pet hair.

It will run for up to 40 minutes after one full charge, giving you a good amount of time to whizz around and get the job done.

This vacuum can transform into a cordless handheld vacuum and it could be yours for £229.99, a £150 discount.

Buy it here.

Lakeland Flat Mop 

York Press: Lakeland Flat Mop (Lakeland/Canva)Lakeland Flat Mop (Lakeland/Canva)

Original price: £39.99

Sale price: £29.99

Turn up the music and make mopping the floors fun with this flat mop.

This mop comes with a bucket that rises and wrings the mop head as well as two microfibre pads that are absorbent.

With a £10 discount, there’s no better time to grab one.

Buy it here.

Astonish Oven & Grill Cleaner & Sponge

York Press: Astonish Oven & Grill Cleaner & Sponge (Lakeland)Astonish Oven & Grill Cleaner & Sponge (Lakeland)  

Original price: £3.99

Sale price: £2.99

While the floors in your home should look clean and shiny, the oven also needs to be refreshed.

For just £2.99, this oven and grill cleaner could have your whole oven sparkling, even the door.

Buy it here.

Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner 

York Press: Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner (Lakeland)Deft Advanced Bathroom Cleaner (Lakeland)

Original price: £4.99

Sale price: £3.99

Move onto the bathroom with this Deft cleaner that comes in a fully recyclable bottle.

With its fine spray, you’ll be able to cover the surfaces in even amounts.

It could be yours for just £3.99.

Buy it here.

You can also get a 10% discount on Joseph Joseph’s Waste and Recycling Range, visit the Lakeland website here.