THIS photo of one of York's most treasured buildings, the Assembly Rooms, dates from in 1943.

Today we are sharing 20 photos of this grand site - taken from the archives over the years.

Located in Blake Street, the Assembly Rooms are within the historic core of York.

They were built in the early 1700s for the Georgian elite to meet and socialise with each other in style. Previous to that, York's rich met in King's Manor and at Ingrams's Palace in Dean's Park.

Gentleman architect, Richard Boyle, 3rd Earl of Burlington, was approached to design the Assembly Rooms and they were completed in 1732.

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Then building has been altered several times during its long history.

After a fire in 1773, alterations designed by Sir John O'Corall were made in the Lesser Assembly Room.

In 1859 a side wall between the Great Assembly Room and two side rooms was removed, to improve circulation; and in 1885 a footpath was created through the portico by cutting away the podium around the columns.

The roofs and windows of suffered damaged during the Second World War when York was bombed.

The Assembly Rooms were purchased by the York Conservation Trust in 2002.

They are currently the home of Italian restaurant, Ask.

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