Moral principles or deception?

CONSERVATIVE MP Christian Wakeford has walked out of his party and crossed the floor of the House of Commons and joined the Labour Party.

This is supposedly because of the shameful goings on of the leadership during lockdown rules.

Yes, I do believe these gatherings were wrong and I sincerely hope that lessons have been learned.

But I do wonder if MP Christian Wakeford came to his decision because of moral principles or was it because there was a distinct chance that he would not be re-elected at the next General Election if he stayed with the Conservative Party then he gets kicked off the gravy train of handsome salary plus enormous expense account?

The name Judas Iscariot springs to mind. A few pieces of silver; filthy lucre.

My, my, how we deceive.

Politicians really do have some odd concepts of right and wrong.

M Horsman

Moorland Road,York

Tips for the Tories for re-election

FOR the Conservative Party to have any chance of re-election they should immediately - stop lying, fulfill electoral promises, develop an energy policy utilising our own natural resources, put climate change “wokes” back in their renewable boxes.

Failure to act will ensure many Tory MPs finding their P45’s in the bottom of a ballot box.

Perhaps 12 months off the booze will help concentrate the mind.

Peter Rickaby

West Park, Selby

Racecourse tosh for the woke brigade

WHAT a load of tosh that even York Racecourse are pampering to the ‘woke’ brigade by suggesting to rename the Duke of York Stakes (first inaugurated in 1895 for the then George, Duke of York, who later became King George V) in respect of the bad publicity drawn to Andrew, the ‘ Duke of York, ‘ over recent years.

It’s not dissimilar to the anti German hatred during the world wars when simply having a German-sounding name gave the mobs licence to reek mayhem and destruction on shops, buildings and individuals.

Even owners of Dachshunds were frowned upon and apparently even the animals were attacked and beaten.

Will dog owners with Yorkshire terriers have to keep them indoors? Will the name Duke and Andrew become unpopular with dog owners and they’ll have to re-name or risk the wrath of the mob?

Never particularly fond of Andrew and his antics, I personally don’t know the man and if it hadn’t been for his position in society his antics wouldn’t deserve a mention in the news.

But the woke society is now affecting everyone and everything. It's time common sense prevailed.

Fault and blame are everywhere!

D M Deamer


The tantalising Boris Johnson Fudge

THE latest tantalising confection - the Boris Johnson Fudge.

It looks smooth and must be digested with relish.

Unfortunately it contains fibs and leaves a bitter after-taste.

Geoff Robb

Hunters Close, Dunnington

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