TWO PROJECTS are being supported by the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The Council are leading the delivery of two Employability Wellbeing Service projects to provide support to those with mental health issues and to assist them in their engagement with the labour market.

The Wellbeing Service (A) project will offer support to over 900 individuals and has two primary objectives, to alleviate barriers to social inclusion caused by mental health impediments and to assess employability and improve access to employment for job seekers, inactive and young people.

The council will work with Hull City Council, Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust and Tigers Sport and Education Trust to deliver this service until the end of 2023.

Service (B) will offer training to over 450 employers in assisting them to manage people with mental health needs whilst offering support for businesses to engage in culture change.

The project aims to improve the provision of mental health, wellbeing and skills at work whilst building provisions through training and development, all whilst offering a positive cultural change.

This project will be operated with the same partners as the first one and will also run until the end of 2023.