A dream job is up for grabs - for York's most seasoned snorers.

Despite usually being snubbed for their noisy night-time habits, snorers are needed to test products for Silentnight in 2022.

The brand is seeking five people with the necessary attributes, who will be paid £300 in return for their efforts and a sleep bundle worth up to £700.

So are you among the one in four sleepers kept awake at night by your partner’s snoring, or in the 10 per cent of the nation that wake themselves up with their own snoring?

If you, or your other half, consider yourself a certified snorer, Silentnight wants to hear from you.

The prize bundle includes a king-size, rolled mattress from the award-winning Studio by Silentnight collection, a pair of innovative Anti-Snore pillows designed to encourage improved breathing, and a ‘So Snug’ 13.5 tog winter duvet to keep snorers cosy while they doze.

Kat Collins, senior brand manager for Silentnight, said: “We think it’s important to celebrate all types of sleepers and so are giving back to snorers across the country with an exciting new role this year.

"But, this is official business and we’re looking for applicants who take their sleep seriously. As part of our mission to change how people sleep for the better, we know that customers’ feedback on our products is fundamental to our future launches so can’t wait to hear our new ‘employees’ thoughts.”

The search launches today, Monday, January 17. Snorers ready to take on the challenge can enter the competition by completing the entry form on the Silentnight website and signing up to Silentnight’s newsletter; and follow Silentnight @silentnightbeds on Instagram OR Facebook.

If you’re a winner, Silentnight will contact you via email (as well as remove and recycle your old mattress, if needed, for free.)

The competition runs until January 31, at www.silentnight.co.uk/competition-snorers