ACTOR and presenter Hugh Dennis and the team from a popular television show dropped in to do some digging at an historic hall near York.

During a sunny week last summer, Hugh and the team from The Great British Dig set up camp in the gardens at Beningbrough Hall to help local residents and National Trust supporters discover a little more about the history of the land around them.

The episode, The Vanished Buildings of Beningbrough, will be aired for the first time on Wednesday (January 19) at 9pm on More 4.

Mark Newman, National Trust Archaeologist said “It’s a rare and really exciting opportunity to have a programme like The Great British Dig getting involved with our archaeological research.

"Understanding the detailed history of our properties, and the archaeological riches they conceal, is undoubtedly a ‘long game’.

"There has been National Trust archaeological research at Beningbrough for almost 40 years now.”

Over the years, technologies have evolved, and each investigation has the potential to add another piece to the picture.

The team set out to see if they could shed more light on some of the questions still posed. Did the hall ever have wings and what did the gardens used to look like?

Mark said: “The discoveries we made last summer were extremely exciting and moved on our understanding of a number of Beningbrough’s mysteries considerably.

"We really look forward to them being revealed on air on January 19, and to further explorations that will no doubt tell us even more.”

Catch up on previous episodes and watch the Beningbrough programme after the live broadcast online at Channel 4.

Built in 1716, Beningbrough Hall is a grand red brick mansion.

The eight-acre garden is undergoing something of a renaissance with developments by award winning designer Andy Sturgeon enhancing the already impressive grand borders, walled kitchen garden and extensive wilderness play area.

Surrounded by 380 acres of parkland, the wider estate extends to offer walks through hidden woods and along river side paths.

The hall and gallery are currently closed for ongoing conservation work.

But, if you fancy a visit, Beningbrough’s garden is currently open winter weekends and daily during February half term; 10am – 3.30pm.

For full details visit the website or follow @NTBeningbrough on social media.

The hall and gallery are closed for ongoing conservation work.