A RARE cliffside property steeped in history and with superb sea views, is up for grabs.

On the cliffside between Whitby and Robin Hood's Bay along the Cleveland Way walking route sits Hornblower Lodge just 2.5 miles from Whitby town centre.

For an asking price of £750,000 the new owners will get a property with a slice of maritime history.

Built around the turn of the 20th century, the property, then the Whitby Foghorn Station, replaced an earlier lighthouse which had been on the site since the 1850s.

The local press at the time reported locals weren't happy about the new building, as it would sound four sharp blasts to reach far across the sea every 90 seconds to warn ships of danger.

The station was only decomissioned in 1988 and bought at auction by the current owners in 2007.

They have renovated it into a spacious four bedroom family home with a courtyard, one-bedroom annexe and the Hornblower Tea Garden, a family business serving refreshments to Cleveland Way walkers.

It has uninterrupted sea views and sunrises and sunsets to enjoy each day, and the two 20-foot-long horns on the roof, thankfully now silent, are a reminder of its past and make a great talking point.

Those interested can call Jackson's Property Service on 01947 496002.