VIVA la vegan revolution! The half a million or so compassionate people who have joined in Veganuary – pledging to eat only plant-based meals for the month of January – have potentially spared more than eight million animals a wretched, miserable life and a bloody, violent death.

Raising and killing animals for food causes intense suffering, pollutes the planet, and creates a breeding ground for diseases such as the current pandemic.

Eating meat, eggs, and dairy also clogs human arteries and is linked to increased rates of colon and breast cancers.

That’s why PETA says: “Go vegan for life – for everyone’s life – not just for January”.

Natalie Tambini,

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA),

Society Building,

All Saints Streeet,


Get our priorities right

ALMOST one million children in Afghanistan are dying of starvation, thousands more are dying through lack of clean water, children needing ops to stop them going blind and there are other things I could add, but all we hear about is a tennis player called Novak Djokovic and people getting annoyed because the Australian government may not let him play in the grand slam.

I just wish people would get their priorities right.

Maureen Robinson,

Broadway, York

Boris must go

HAVING just watched PMQs. Boris Johnson must resign.

There is only one word that the public will now view him with - disgust.

When the official report into the No 10 parties is published, he will have to resign.

If he doesn’t, his own Tory party will turf him out pretty quickly.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


Words on the vaccine

MY message to Matthew Laverack (Letters January 12) is that life is not fair and never has been. As a doubly jabbed and boosted octogenarian, I have thankfully avoided Covid so far. However, I have always known that vaccination could only lessen the chances of me getting Covid but was no guarantee against catching it.

Vaccination also significantly reduces the severity of the illness if I do. Overall vaccination makes it more difficult for the virus to replicate which is essential. That was what it said on the tin Matthew!

Omicron is interesting. Vaccination has significantly blocked Delta’s progress, whereupon up pops Omicron which is able to replicate more freely. We are watching evolution as it happens. The fittest variants prosper, exactly as Darwin would have said had he been alive.

The basic message of ‘Wash your Hands’; ‘Wear a Mask’; and ‘Always be 2 metres from anyone outside your Bubble’ apply to us all, even if we are doubly jabbed and boosted.

Quentin Macdonald,

Manor Farm,

Church Lane,

Nether Poppleton,