This is Yorkshire, not Russia!

WHAT joy to share non-stop laughter with the large audience enjoying Chubby Brown at The Barbican last Friday.

It’s nice to know so many people in York are comfortable with his non PC world.

Offensive to a loud minority but as he said “it’s just a joke”.

What miseries are those who get offended all the time.

Boo to those who want to tell us what we can and can't say.

This is Yorkshire, not Russia.

John Zimnoch


‘Wokeism’ overruling logic and common sense

THE nation is desperately struggling to be self sufficient in energy, now we are informed the same could apply to food production.

There is no justification for either.

Firstly, we are sitting on enough cheap fuel resources, ie oil, gas, coal, to satisfy home demand for decades.

Secondly, what is the point of “rewilding” the countryside to solely satisfy woke environmentalists and then to survive importing food from countries where standards are lower than ours.

Is there nobody left in Whitehall who lives in the real world?

Academic “wokeism” is being allowed to overrule logic and common sense, resulting in unnecessary financial cost to the rest of us.

Peter Rickaby

West Park, Selby

Lower VAT ‘makes nonsense’ of COP 26

IN response to Tony Taylor’s letter (Press, January 10) in regard to the current Tory government not cutting VAT on home fuel bills, I am delighted that he will no longer be voting Conservative.

However, maybe he has forgotten that COP26 was recently held in Glasgow, and reducing VAT on home fuel would make nonsense of targets made at this event.

In my opinion, VAT should be set to zero for Electricity but gradually increased for all fossil fuels, initially so they all all more expensive than electricity.

This should encourage people to switch their heating source away from fossil fuels.

The additional revenue from this change should be given straight back to those who most most need it to cover their increased bills.

Unfortunately, I believe it is beyond the competence of a Tory government to achieve this successfully.

Chris Ewer

Church Lodge, Gateforth

‘Utter madness’ of climate change agenda

FARMERS are going to be paid to ‘rewild’ their land rather than grow crops, all in the green climate change agenda.

We will have to import more food but we can watch the flowers grow.

This is utter madness because climate change, hotter or cooler, will happen naturally as it always has done, and it’s all about politicians posturing their green credentials, with no regard to the huge public cost.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close, Dunnington

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