A THIEF who targeted a major sports retailer has been arrested.

North Yorkshire Police say that a cross-border thief has been located and arrested thanks to the work of officers in Selby.

A police spokesman said: "On Monday (January 10), a man was arrested by our colleagues at Merseyside Police following a theft from Sports Direct in Selby earlier this month.

"The store CCTV captured the man stealing clothing before leaving the retail park in his car.

"We identified him and quickly circulated him as being wanted following an investigation working with the store.

"When the man from St Helen's was arrested, it was discovered he had committed several similar thefts from Sports Direct stores across England and North Wales.

"He’s now been charged with a number of offences to appear in court.

Shoplifting might seem like a minor offence but it has a significant financial effect on businesses and can often be extremely distressing for the members of staff in the store when it takes place.

"We invest a lot of time and effort working with businesses, partners other police forces to tackle this crime and bring offenders to justice.

"Great team work has brought this man to justice."