A HARRY Potter outfit and a stethoscope are among the stranger items left behind by hotel guests in York.

A large box of Bettys Tea Room's fat rascals, doctor's stethoscope, and a book of spells are amongst the most bizarre things found in York's Travelodge hotels.

However the hotel chain dubbed the strangest of all York's branches to be a Jimmy Choo Cinderella shoe at York Central Travelodge, which ranked as the 8th strangest item found in all of Travelodge's 582 UK hotels.

It meant the hotel manager had to go on a mission to reunite the bride with the shoe, as she hadn't realised she had left without the right shoe on her way to her wedding reception, having changed shoes after the ceremony.

The 2021 Travelodge Lost and Found audit has revealed that there has been a growing trend of wedding related items left behind by brides, grooms, and their guests alike. 

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge spokeswoman said: "In 2021, following Freedom Day, we welcomed back millions of customers to our 582 UK hotels including our hotels in York, and this led to a range of interesting items being left by our customers.

"This year's Lost and Found audit includes a rise in holiday themed items, wedding props, precious sentimental items, smart gadgets, and beloved pets."

York Central Layerthorpe hotel named their strangest item found as a Harry Potter outfit, while Monks Cross revealed theirs were a set of mini bonsai trees and a harp.

The Hull Road branch found a personalised rose bush and a pair of Swarovski clutches, and a six-foot rainbow was found in Tadcaster.