ALTHOUGH a long-standing Conservative voter, I am becoming more and more alarmed by 'Peppa Bojo's' government.

In the Brexit campaign he promised to cut VAT on fuel bills if we left the EU - this was not allowed under EU rules. Now, in the midst of rising fuel bills that are harming poorer families he has announced that VAT will not be cut because it would help people who don't need it.

How about those who do need it Boris and how about your Brexit promise (it seems to be going the same was as your election promises of levelling up the north, building HS2 to Leeds and many more broken promises).

Roll on the next election. 'Peppa Bojo' has lost my life long vote.

Tony Taylor,

Grassholme, Woodthorpe, York

Remember Harry Ree - a real York hero

YOUR article (Press 05/Jan) on former students at York University fails to mention one of the more significant people involved in York University. His name was Harry Ree and in 1964 he was appointed Professor of Education at the (then new) university. But he had a very serious and significant past.

At the beginning of the Second World War, Ree was a teacher at Beckenham School. At the fall of France to the Nazis in 1940, he joined the Army and volunteered for the Special Operations Executive. In May 1943 he was parachuted into occupied France to help the growing French resistance forces (the Maquis). After several escapades, he finally escaped to neutral Switzerland in 1944. He was awarded the DSO and an OBE. More about Harry Ree’s wartime service can be found in the literature about the SOE.

After the war, Harry Ree returned to teaching, and was appointed to his post at York in 1964. He died in May 1991.

Former and present students should do well to read about their former prof and his little-known heroics. We owe him and his colleagues a deep debt of gratitude.

Ian Owston,

Willow Park Road,

Wilberfoss, York

Acquittal is a green light to 'anarchists'

THE acquittal in Bristol of those who pulled down a statue, depositing it in the harbour, is a green light for any "woke" or "anarchist" group to select any statue in the country they object to and repeat the process.

Peter Rickaby,

West Park,


North Yorkshire

Foot streets or food streets?

HAVING been in business in the city centre years ago but with nothing like Covid 19 and its accompaniments to contend with, I wish continuing and start-up businesses in York success and the very best of luck.

One newcomer will be the forthcoming Thai restaurant in Coney Street, reported in the Press on December 31, under the headline ‘’Extra pavement cafe in York”.

Will this come with extra pavement? Another question is: ‘Foot streets or food streets’?

Derek Reed,

Middlethorpe Drive,


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