LAST year saw an awful lot of lies being peddled around, not to mention totally inaccurate predictions, the authors of which keep trying to claim weren’t predictions.

The worst came from the Duke and Duchess of Netflix, the most hypocritical and narcissistic couple I’ve ever seen.

They’re hell bent on trying to destroy the institutions of this country and totally out of touch with public opinion.

So imagine my surprise when, with the New Year bells still ringing, they were outdone in this act of public image self-destruction by none other than the Queen.

Awarding Tony Blair a knighthood?! The only person to have told more lies and done more damage to this country's institutions than the Sussex's, and she goes and honours him.

And let's be clear, this appointment is her sole prerogative, nobody else's.

Even Boris can’t be blamed for this one. Perhaps this gaffe is just her way of giving a final salute to Prince Philip?

Now I want to see the monarchy preserved, but does anybody else feel like they’re trying to get themselves overthrown?

It has happened before after all, when the incumbents showed such equally poor taste in friends.

Dr Scott Marmion,



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