A YORK man has managed to lose seven stone after taking part in a weight loss programme during the pandemic - which he said has been "life-changing".

Nigel Ashton, 63, has been using the pandemic as a positive on his weight loss journey. He said it gave him a reason to turn to his health, so he started his own fitness mission with Definition Body Coaching in Nether Poppleton.

Nigel, who runs his own business in the city, said: "At my biggest, anything physical was really hard work - going for a walk, gardening and even climbing a staircase left me out of breath.

"Seeing myself in photos really wasn't nice, so I didn't have my picture taken too often. I weighed in at 19 and a half stone at my biggest.

"As a nation we were grounded, so I did more exercise and walking than I normally would."

Before the pandemic, Nigel joined trainer Justin Shepherd at Definition Body Coaching - and he said Justin's online training during the Covid lockdowns kept him motivated and working towards his goals.

"His motivation was key", Nigel added.

Since April last year, when the gyms were opened back up, Nigel has attended his sessions twice every week.

"The weight loss has been one thing, but the weight training has made the biggest change for me. I now feel like I have muscles on muscles", said Nigel.

Speaking on Nigel's "inspirational" weight loss journey, Justin said: "Nigel has embraced his goals and looks like a totally new man. He is a very popular member and a great role model for us all. His story has inspired our whole gym."

Nigel is also a member at New Earswick slimming world - which he said has been a great support also during his weight loss journey. He still attends each week even though he has reached his target weight.

In his new found body, Nigel said: "I feel brilliant now, it's wonderful to fit into slim line shirts and trousers. As you can imagine, I've had to buy a whole new wardrobe, but it is worth every penny. No more grey suits and white shirts, the suits are now blue and the shirts are very loud. Losing the weight has been a life changer for me.

"If I can do it at 63, you can too, and most importantly, make sure you keep doing it."

Justin and the team at Definition Body Coaching have 100 clients in the York area - and they recently had their annual vote of awarding their 'Best change of the year' - and Nigel was one of the two winners selected during the Christmas period.

Further details on Definition Body Coaching can be found at: https://bit.ly/3n0KBki