THERE are two basic types of freedom: the freedom to do whatever we want regardless of the impact of our actions on others; and the freedom to do what we want as long as our actions do not harm or constrain the freedom of others.

Version two acknowledges our common humanity and our responsibilities to each other.

With the unvaccinated now making up the majority of Covid patients in hospital beds, even though they account for just ten per cent of the population, this cherished ‘freedom’ is preventing the NHS from treating millions awaiting operations and other treatments for the elderly, the vulnerable and those suffering from cancer. It is driving waves of infection.

If you are worried about vaccines, or have a fear of needles or whatever, please talk with someone you trust about your anxieties. We will not escape this pandemic, its endless restrictions and the massive burden it is placing on us – nearly 200,000 UK deaths, the huge increase in national debt, the impact on mental health, etc. – until we are all vaccinated and the virus has nowhere to go.

You have a vital part to play in helping to bring this pandemic to an end.

There is no us and them, there is only us.

Christian Vassie,

Blake Court,

Wheldrake, York

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