A MUM has paid tribute to her son's 'wonderful' nursery in Selby - and launched a fundraising campaign after its front door was smashed by drunken yobs.

Sam Newton, whose son Edward attends Little Treasures in Ousegate, claims it is 'the most wonderful nursery you could send your pre-schoolers to.'

She said: "The staff are so friendly, approachable and are all so amazing with the children. My son has been going here since before Covid, and he's just blossomed!

"He's gained so much confidence, his speech has developed so well (after we were worried he was behind with it) and there's been so much support for him in other areas he's struggled with.

"Around 22 months ago, Covid hit, and the team at Little Treasures have handled it so well. They may have seemed strict at the time, but Covid hasn't gained any ground there.

"They've been steadfast when it comes to protecting their staff and all the other children that attend, and it's worked out so well they've only had to close during the lockdowns they were required to do so. I'm sure it's been really hard work, but not a day has been missed, and all the parents are amazed."

However, she said the entranceway to the nursery didn't 'show off the amazing things' inside. "It's basically a bit of an eyesore," she said.

!Just over a year ago, the front door was smashed - probably by some drunkards passing by or something. This door has been temporarily boarded up with some heavy duty chipboard ever since and really doesn't look very welcoming to any potential new parents.

"I want to give Little Treasures and its owners extra security with the benefit of a remote access shutter system so they can fully close and secure the front of the building at the end of the working day.

"Unfortunately, Little Treasures simply can't afford the money for any of this since most of the kids that go there are funded by the government.

"I would love to raise some money for repairing the front door, to fix the signage above the front door, add a new shutter system, some new window decals, hire a window cleaner or suchlike to clean all the externals. I'd also love to decorate the internal part of the entrance with wall decals, artificial grass/carpet and props etc to show the fun and excitement that Little Treasures is.

"I want this to be a gift to Little Treasures to say how much they are appreciated and loved."

The fundraiser, which can be found by going to https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/little-treasures-selby, has so far raised £200 towards its £3,000 target.