A YORK-BASED musician has released a digital art collection this month to celebrate the launch of the first single by his virtual band.

Andy Watson, also known as Cold Culprits in the city, makes up the three "characters" in the band, Dojo Explosjo - as he said the change "felt right" for his music last month.

The band released the first single, called 'Pink Champagne', on December 10 - and to celebrate this, Andy has put together some digital animations - known as NFT.

Around the same time of forming the virtual band, Andy said he became interested in these animations and decided to create some of his own.

"Thanks to blockchain technology, cryptographic artworks can’t be stolen or forged, and they are designed to exist forever, so I started looking into the possibilities", he added.

The Dojo Explosjo sound is a combination of electronica, indie rock and hip hop.

This collection of 23 NFTs has been created on the OpenSea marketplace using the Ethereum blockchain and will never be replicated. Unlike other collections that expand into thousands of permutations, there will only ever be 23 cryptographic artworks in the Pink Champagne collection.

To view Andy's new collection, visit: https://bit.ly/3HzEATF