HEATHER Stroud failed miserably in her attempt to justify her anti-vaccination stance (Letters, December 27 ). Her self-centred choice not to be jabbed is her free choice, though this is a possibly mortal decision.

Her choice to put innocent, vaccinated people in unnecessary danger is selfish and socially inconsiderate.

Her choice to deliberately put extra strain on the NHS and take the hospital beds of other innocent patients in urgent need is selfish and socially inconsiderate. Self obsessed? Using the word “I” 13 times in her bleatings answers that.

Geoff Robb,

Hunters Close,


...AT a time when much of the media is driven by government narrative York Press is to be congratulated for devoting its letters page on two occasions to Heather Stroud who puts forward an intelligent rational case over Covid and calls for a genuine open debate.

My late father, along with thousands of other young men, risked his life in France and Germany to defeat an evil regime that thought nothing of forcing people to undergo medical procedures; some of these deliberately intended to cause harm or death.

Compulsory vaccinations are something we associate with extreme evil dictators like Hitler and Stalin. It has no place in the West in general or Britain in particular. This is not what my parents’ generation fought for.

It should be up to individuals to decide for themselves whether to have a controversial substance injected into their bodies.

No compulsion.

No coercion.

No excuse.

The state must back off.

Saying it’s for the good of all just doesn’t wash. That is exactly what happened in The Third Reich and the Soviet Union. Have we learned nothing?

Is this a free democratic country with individual liberties or isn’t it?

Right now things look bleak so hooray for Heather Stroud and her brave resistance. She has my full support.

Matthew Laverack,

Eldon Street,


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